General San Martin

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The Argentine military José Francisco de San Martín, descended from military family, he moved to Spain his parents at the age of 5 years, where he began his military career. He fought in North Africa and fought the Napoleonic forces, participating in the Battle of Bailen. His whose campaigns were decisive for the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The "Father of the Nation" as it is recognized in Argentina, José de San Martín Matorras born on February 25, 1778 in Uruguay, specifically in the town of Yapeyú. His father was born in Spain was lieutenant governor and his mother was the niece of a conqueror of the Chaco.

In 1786 he moved with his parents where he joined the Noble Seminary of Madrid. Three years later he starts his military career in the regiment of Murcia. Fight campaign in Africa fighting in Melilla and Oran and in 1797 was promoted to second lieutenant for his actions against the French in the Pyrenees.

During the period that follows, Equity struggle in southern Spain, Gibraltar and Cadiz, with the rank of captain 2nd Light Infantry.

In 1808, San Martín was promoted by the Governing Board for the post of assistant 1st Regiment Volunteer Field Mayor. Distinguished for his actions against the French, then becomes captain of the regiment of Bourbon.

It stands at the Battle of Bailen, rising to lieutenant colonel and awarded gold medal na. It will continue to fight against the French in the army of the allies: Spain, Portugal and England. Fighting under General Beresford at the Battle of Albuera. Meet Lord Macduff, Scottish nobleman, who introduces him to the secret lodges who plotted for the independence of South America. Through him I obtained a passport to travel to England, where it was found in 1811 with Spanish compatriots in Latin: Alvear, Zapiola, Andrés Bello, Tomas Guido, among others. All were part of a lodge who had founded the "Precursor" Miranda, who, along with Bolivar, and was fighting for the independence of America Venezuela.

In January 1812, Martin embarked for Buenos Aires in the British frigate George Canning, which was entrusted with the creation of the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers (which now bears his name), who triumphed in the Battle of San Lorenzo.

Later he was named head of the Northern Army, replacing General Manuel Belgrano. So conceived his plan of South American emancipation, realizing that the patriot victory would consolidate scoring only realistic nuclei in the continent.

Appointed governor of Cuyo, located in the city of Mendoza started his project after organizing the Army of the Andes crossed with the same range of the same name and led the liberation of Chile, in the battles of Chacabuco and Maipú. Using a fleet organized in Chile, attacked the center of Spanish power in South America, Lima, declaring the independence of Peru in 1821. Shortly after it was found in Guayaquil Simon Bolivar, and after a brief interview, he gave his army and the goal of finishing the liberation of Peru. San Martin left for Europe, where he died on August 17, 1850.



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