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Governor of Malaga (1806-1808), Theodore von Reding Swiss General Biberegg was serving Spain, chief architect of the victory of the Spanish army against the French at the Battle of Bailen 1808 before Napoleon's troops, led by General Dupont and Gerra hero of Roussillon.

Theodor von Reding Biberegg born on July 5, 1755 in Switzerland. In 1769 and 14 he began his military career in Spain, highlighting since that time companies such as Menorca (1781-1782), the Pyrenees (1793 to 1795) and Portugal (1801).

In 1794 he was appointed Field Marshal after the action of Irun. Eight years later he is destined to Malaga with his unit, but it would trim its first battalion in Granada for being there the Captaincy General of Military Region. In 1803 he was appointed member of the Board of Health, where the recognition of Malaga win people for their exemplary action to mitigate the epidemic of yellow fever that was raging at that time to the city.

The April 21, 1806, King Charles IV Political Military Governor and Mayor of Málaga Governor appoints, doing a great job of office in all aspects, the proof will be the publication of the "Proclamation of the Good Government on 19 August that year.

Year 1808, begins the War of Independence, Reding junta Malaga and is appointed General in Chief of the troops of the Kingdom of Granada and later Commanding General of the 1st Division of the Army of Andalusia. The July 19, 1808 will play a prominent being the architect of the first defeat of the invincible open Napoleonic troops to carry out some changes to the plan outlined by General Hazel Porcuna field role.

After being moved to Catalonia and will be promoted to Captain General. In February 1809 fight in Valls, this being his last battle which suffer several saber wounds, died on April 23, 1809.

His remains now rest in a mausoleum, the first burial in the cemetery of Tarragona.



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