Come to Bailen...

"Fair 2016"

Fiestas Bailen 2014

Fair 2016

Comes July and Bailen wears celebrations commemorating the famous Battle of Bailen 1808 The Very Noble and Loyal City of Bailen Company receives Army from Córdoba, honoring the fallen in that bitter struggle between the sides Spanish and French. 

In addition to the traditional attractions, also performs ofrende Virgin Zocueca during the 20th, carrying it in procession through the streets of Bailen in a spectacular reception at the Plaza de la Constitución, where the Town Hall of this city.


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Baylen Origin.

The town of Bailen, besides being naturally witnessed great battles from Roman times wider domain, has been a melting pot since the first towns settled by "mineral wealth, fertility and productivity their land", found archaeological sites demonstrate the existence of villages of early human communities organized, who arrived to the European continent acquiring and transmitting knowledge. It was then that he began ranching and farming as their main way of life for thousands of centuries, through history.

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"La Pepa"


La Constitución de 1812

With only two years of life, for the repeal of Fernando VII in 1814, he was the most liberal document of its time. It is known as "La Pepa" and which was enacted by the Parliament of Spain, on the day of San José, 19 of March in the city of Cadiz.



"El General Castaños"

General Castanos anciano

Don Javier de Castaños y Aragorri

One of the most prestigious in the Spanish army at the time of the uprising against Napoleon's generals. He managed to defeat General Dupont at the Battle of Bailen on July 19, 1808, thus becoming the first European general who could defeat an army of Napoleon.

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