Walk of Palms

In 1933 this name was built in a contemporary style park and known as Paseo de las Palmeras.

The initiative comes from then Mayor Christopher D. Marín Ruiz Castellanos to alleviate unemployment in the town, which would settle the allegorical monument to the Battle of Bailen escorted by 77 palm trees. The work was designed by the architect Vicente Sánchez and Antonio Rivas Andújar in the late eighties.

Two symmetrical tetrahedrons on which an oblique rectangular prism base, where he plays a ceramic mural on one side"The Surrender of Bailen" the famous painting by José Casado del Alisal, and the other two economic sectors lies intersects traditional in our area: pottery and olive growing. In this environment our celebrations with activities Fiestascivil-military alluding to the Battle of Bailen occurs annually.



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