Real Street

Numerous names that has been designated as one of the oldest streets of Bailen.

callerealFrom Rafael Gasset, Manuel Azaña or Zarco del Valle and Isabella as it is called today until through Baja or Calle Real Camino Real, being the main road that accessed the city making it a crossroads for which is known, among other values and charms. Such is the importance of this concept that the vast majority of bailenenses mentioning the name of Calle Real to reference it.

Changes in street names that make Bailen has been standard practice in the history of our people because of the need to mention many famous people have been associated with the town.

That is why, in some cases it is necessary to devote one to two of the most prominent characters such as the General Antonio Zarco del Valle Street; Vice President of a commission presiding Francisco General Hazel formed in 1850 in order to complete the study of the Battle of Bailen. The other character referenced by this pathway is Isabella, for its importance, regardless of who it would be a motor for development of the study.

Today, this approach condenses the vast majority of trade in the town, besides being one of the most charming places in the city to walk, where a transfer of coming and going of people focus on the holidays.

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