The Sanctuary at Rumblar

rumblar 300Zocueca village, word rejoined the name of Mary Arab origin, is located between the town of Andujar and our town, being distant from the latter about six miles.

Immersed in the territory of Sierra Morena, this area is composed of a rich vegetation of riparian plants, predominantly surrounding reed near the stream called San Vicente. Regarding the composition of the tree place the oak prevails, associated with gourmet flavor characteristic shrubs such as rosemary and fennel. The remaining land has been used for growing the fig, almond, bay leaf, peach and sunflower among others. Immersed within the natural environment is the Sanctuary Rumble.

Its construction was set in the year 1150, when a poor and crude shrine to the Cross is lifted by the Mozarabic Christians, where a small image of Mary was revered for having protected their elders and later to them, winning the King Alfonso VII fields Bailen.

Since the late nineteenth century, and annually every last Sunday of September, the town of Bailen held here the Pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Zocueca Lady, Patroness of Bailen to intercede on behalf of this people in contention 19 July 1808.



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