The capitulations of Bailen

Capitulacion de Ayacucho1The defeat of Dupont were drafted, the June 22, 1808, in known as "capitulations of Bailen" signed between the two generals from both sides: Light and Dupont. This 6-page document, stable francesad surrender of troops and the fate of the prisoners of the Battle of Bailen, courts finally repatriated to France, not to Madrid in order to prevent vovieran fight against Spanish troops this city, even in battle against the French army.

The capitulations were signed to end on June 22, after much discussion, the post house that mediates between Andujar and Bailen, near Villanueva de la Reina, where Brown had been established; for them should be a prisoner of war Barbou entire division, with which he had fought Dupont and Vedel evacuate Andalusia, moving both to Rota and Sanlúcar de Barrameda where they would sail to Rochefor embarked in ships manned by Spanish.

In consequence, the legions of Dupont, numbering 8,242 men, the victors of Austerlitz and Friedland, who had walked his victorious eagles throughout Europe, paraded in front of the Spanish army and went to lay down their arms and flags along the Sale Rumble.

The Vedel and Dufour (9,393 men) wards and divisions formed on deposit surrendered their weapons and war material. Other troops missing the corps of General Dupont to the number of 22,475 men, discarded the 2,000 killed in the battle, went to Santa Cruz de la Mudela, Manzanares and other points of communication with Madrid, to comply with the agreement held by their bosses.

Captain d'Villoutreys, who had initiated the first treatment in Bailen, Madrid took the sad news, escorted by a section of Aranjuez Spanish cavalry.



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