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The founder of the city of Los Angeles

FelipeDeNeve portadaPerhaps surprising but real, the famous city of Los Angeles California and today known as the Mecca of film and residence of the great stars of Hollywood, was founded on September 4, 1781 for bailenense whose name was Felipe de Neve Padilla. The October 18, 1774 , the viceroy would appoint him Governor of Las Californias , for their great value which was reflected in the reports that branded him " as a complete and official right man " to the point that the viceroy rejected his request be relieved of duty , being a hard and ungrateful to be permanently monitored by the ecclesiastical orders Felipe de Neve develop a wide colonizing work and conduct various foundations laid, the first being San José de Guadalupe and San Buenaventura . In this work of colonization , founded The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the Porciúncula River , with the consent of Carlos III of Spain , which over the years, the name of the city has been anecdotally, shortening to Los Angeles.

In 1728, Bailen will witness the birth of an important figure in the history of a wealthy family in our town. Son of Mrs. Mary D. Padilla y Costilla and Felipe de Neve Noguera Castro and Figueroa; cavalry captain, will soon awaken in him the vocation, and with only 20 years will begin his career in the Infantry Regiment of Cantabria.

Later became Guard Corps and two years later from the start, reach the rank of Lieutenant in the Regiment of Flanders, to later sit square in Milan and the King. After a long period in which our protagonist is tanned in important battles and demonstrates its remarkable momentum and courage, November 1, 1764 by Charles III for the defense of New Spain, disembark in the port of Veracruz; Mexico, with a select group of veteran officers and troops featured, starting a new phase that will take you the rest of your life.

A Neve will struggle to adapt to this new destination, but not, would prevent him excel in his work as a military and prove itself as an effective administrator, inventory and manage the assets of the Company and increase the income of the property during the seven years that was stationed in the city of Zacatecas. The October 18, 1774, the viceroy would appoint him Governor of Las Californias, for their great value which was reflected in the reports that branded him "as a complete and official right man" to the point that the viceroy rejected his request be relieved of duty, being a hard and ungrateful to be permanently monitored by the ecclesiastical orders Felipe de Neve develop a wide colonizing work and conduct various foundations laid, the first being San José de Guadalupe and San Buenaventura.

 FelipeDeNeve webIn this work of colonization, founded The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the Porciúncula River, with the consent of Carlos III of Spain, which over the years, the name of the city has been anecdotally, shortening to Los Angeles. The image on the left corresponds to the statue inaugurated in 2009 in the city of "Los Angeles", where you can read "Felipe de Neve (1728-1784). Governor of California from 1775 to 1782. In 1781, on orders from King Carlos III of Spain, Felipe de Neve selected a site near the River Porciuncula and laid out the town of El Pueblo de La Reina de Los Angeles, one of two towns have founded in Alta California. "

In this way recognizes Neve as one of the founding fathers of the city, as governor contribute to the defense and promotion of Hispanic settlements such as the city which results in Los Angeles.

His political career reached its peak when it was placed in front of the General Command of the Interior Provinces, rising to the rank of Brigadier in the Royal Army in 1783. Just a year later, Felipe de Neve pass away and as the story goes, its disappearance is one of the factors that cause the crisis quickly affect domestic provinces and expansion projects by American West Spain.



Gregorio Manzano

goyoThis our countryman known as "Goyo", "Professor" or "Manchego", was born on March 11, 1956. Gregorio Manzano was not always professionally linked to the soccer world, but for 16 years, his career focused on the teaching, teaching classes at the IES El Valle de Jaén where anecdotally, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce was one of his students.

Great lover of football, was Recreativo de Bailen player until an injury when he retired was to be signed for Sevilla FC.

The beginning of his role as a coach will be in 1983 in the town of Jaen Santisteban del Puerto, to become the coach of this football team, while he combined it with teaching. From this time, his outstanding ability as a psychologist and educator, take him for various clubs in the province as Ubeda CF until 1990 fichara by Real Jaén.

In 1992 decides to untie his teaching with the technical to devote exclusively to him, joining the 2nd B Talavera four years later.

goyofutbolSince he was hired by the Toledo 2nd A in 1998 and later debuted in the first division with Valladolid, Apple will become El Salvador equipment difficult angle and reap many successes with grades equipment such as the Copa del Rey with Mallorca 2003. their worth as best coach will be recognized in 2008 by being awarded the "Don Balon Award" and his work as ambassador in spreading the jienense culture and olive oil will be awarded the prize "Jaén, Paradise Interior".

His most recent trajectory passes retrain the Mallorca back in 2006 after having gone through big Spanish teams like Atletico Madrid CF or Malgas, until finally it was required by the Sevilla FC. on 26 September last 2010.




Manolo Gomez Bur


The actor for which the make audiences laugh in movies and the theater was one of the main purposes of his life, he was intimately involved in our town, where is your spouse . Bailen was the city chosen for its removal in 1982 , where he spent his last years of life. With the name of Manuel Gómez López de la Osa , actor born in Madrid on April 21, 1917 , being linked to the show from very small hand of her father actor Vicente Gómez Bur Zarzuela , from which comes the name as an artist.

His first debut on stage occurs at an early age , playing the back half of a donkey ( because the front was interpreted by his brother) , in the work entitled " Cute stuffy " where his father was involved carrying the animal caught the reins , with the curiosity that during rendering the parent was unaware that the animal inside its two offshoots were located.

The child only ten years had gone daily to known Teatro Novedades from Argumosa street in Madrid where he lived to bring dinner to his father , awakening in him curiosity this world , so I would not have many more years when acting at school functions in the Salesians of Atocha.

In 1934, riding with a group of fans the play " The children of the night " until after the end of the Civil War in 1939 made ​​his professional debut in the company of Alonso and Pepe Muñoz Roman Dancer magazine as " The Villadiego".


Substituting the first actor from " The Love Goddess " , gets the chance to take a decisive step in his career. An anecdote from the beginning is the reference to the criticism that a young journalist of the era that began professionally , like Manolo , made ​​him regarding his role in the comedy that just premiered at the Infanta Isabel . Gómez Bur appeared in the newspaper with no intention to protest the assertion that the critic had made about him in which he stated that " was fatal , exaggerating and gesticulated a lot," but to tell you that analysis appeared in the newspaper he had been delivered from the hands of theater impresario Arturo Serrano , accompanied with five dollars rebate on the salary earned , and what the actor made ​​him responsible . That helped the critically consider the consequences of their judgments , and Bur likely to be better since that time .

Gone are the years that form part of the companies Adamuz Ana , Conchita Montes and Isabel Garcés, with which theater reap victories among which were the works " The two Virginias " and " Give me my wife."

Also debuting on the big screen in 1951 with " Fairytale " . This would be the beginning of a list that reach about a hundred titles . Specializing in representing thoroughbred types and characterized by a certain naivete that made the actor one of the most endearing and beloved by the public in the sixties , the decade in which the bulk of his film career developed .

During those years he will intervene in such famous titles in Spanish cinema of the moment as "Girls of the Red Cross ", " The day of love " or " Those who have to serve." In 1973 stars for Spanish TV series " Rational Animals " .

From that time , space to promote their film , again his theatrical career , achieving remarkable successes as " The Tureen " and " Revenge of Don Mendo " interventions. The "Goddess Fortuna " you smile at the final stage of his professional life after forty years of effort, which would use to retire to his home in Bailen, where his wife was natural . The May 30, 1991 , as a result of lung disease, died this outstanding film actor of the sixties, accompanied in his farewell by friends of his profession as Tony Leblanc among others.



Paquita Torres


A young girl Bailen was chosen "Miss Spain" in the Catalan town of Salou on June 25, 1966 . Only 18 years earlier, a Thursday April 22th, Maria Bellido street of our city had seen born her. Being the fifth of six children, at an early age lost their parents unfortunately being forced to leave school to help support the family.

The years will pass and they will transfer to Málaga to begin work at the Parador del Golf in this city Already on occasion had advised him the stand for a beauty pageant for the possibilities they saw him.

Never put that question into consideration, until one day he decides to participate in a contest organized by the Evening Journal of the Costa del Sol where the elect as Miss Málaga. Just two months later was crowned Miss Andalusia and representative of the community at the ceremony of Miss Spain.

He recently released summer of 1966 , after 17 candidates compete for three days more, Paquita Torres was proclaimed worthy of the title. Bailen that night preparing for the celebration of that event, to be held in the Constitution Square on August 6th, coinciding with the Fair location.

That would be just the beginning of a prosperous career because later would be named as World Miss Congeniality, Miss Europe in 1967 and become one of the favorite models or Pertegaz Paco Rabanne.

paquita-torres 747x1000-138

Anecdotally from that day appear Paquita decided to contest the answer is that the head of Tourism gave the Parador Málaga Golf city manager when the latter sought permission for the bailenense could be presented to the contest, as she worked there at that time: "Do not you be the cause of this situation? If not look as pretty devoted waitresses, now you are not present these problems. "

At present, it is closely linked to the work of designer Matias Montero, making his career a reference to her daughter Stephanie, who follows in the footsteps of our famous compatriot.



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