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By Car
Bailen is well connected by road. Located in the Fork of the A4 and A44, a city of Cordoba, Seville, Madrid, Jaen and Granada always motorway.
By Bus
Park your car and reaches Bailen through the bus line that connects it to the main capitals of Spain.<
By Plane
Bailen has Granada Airport, connected to it by the highway less than an hour and a half.
Where to Eat
Bailen has a great deal of Bars and Restaurants to enjoy your food.
Good Guide Leisure
Bailen has a wide variety of quality hotels to spend the night in this historic city.
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The calendar of festivities in Bailen is very wide where you can enjoy a variety of events distributed throughout the year, each made ​​with a variety of activities: The following parties more features of the site are as follows:

On this date, one of the fairs held in Bailen take place in the San José Obrero. Built in the 60s, neighbors await eager early this month to decorate their streets with garlands and flowers and where to enjoy the event booths are installed both day and night.

This date is accompanied by the celebration of the National Party, but in turn is signaled to our town to be other important parties for Bailen such as the Barrio del Pilar.

The weekend closest to this festival, takes place in Bailen the Reenactment of the Battle of Bailen, where groups of local recreation ("Volunteer of the Battle of Bailen", "Reding General Cultural History" and "Independence Bailen ") along with others from the rest of the country and even Europe, we reproduce the 1808 Battle of Bailen and reliable way to beat the story.

Along with this, the event is accompanied by various activities such as parades, skirmishes, craft market and tastings.

Declared "Well of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia", commonly known as the "The Party" Bailen "has become the biggest for the town fair.

Since 1817 and annually on the 17th to 22th July the Battle of Bailen is commemorated with a joint civil-military acts, being the day of peak 19, as the anniversary of the historic event and the 20 day that the patron, the Virgin of walking in procession Zocueca the main streets of Bailen, looking at his chest band and Gran Cruz de San Fernando offered up by General Brown, as a gesture of veneration and filial love for the Mother of God.

This celebration has annually with the participation of the company Army of Córdoba, parading and render honors to the memory of those who fell in the Battle of 1808, while it is present for the losing side with a sense friendship and brotherhood among nations.

The local authority, represented by the Mayor, took the opportunity that gives you the "Parties" to invite ambassadors and representatives of other countries that have had some role with Spain, with the desire for a sincere friendship.

After finishing collecting the matching olive with the Feast of the Virgin of Candelaria, the city fail olive branches commonly known as "Ramon" to organize bonfires in different neighborhoods of the city where neighbors gather that night to taste typical products.

As in Andalusia, are numerous events taking place in Bailen to commemorate the day of the Autonomous Community among which the hoisting of the flag between chords Anthem of Andalusia.

In August Fair procession to the patron, the Virgin of Zocueca for interceding and deliver in 1861 a cholera epidemic that ravaged the country.

Carnival where they have been able to see local groups sympathetic tone letters made ​​throughout the year, touching her so burying the legendary sardine with which this festival is completed.

The Easter brotherhoods in Bailen ("Our Father Jesus Nazarene", "Jesus at his triumphal entry to Jerusalem" or "The Mulica", "San Juan Evangelista", "Santa Vera Cruz" and "Our Lady of Sorrows and Christ Assisted Dying "; procesionan their images during Passion Week, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

This pilgrimage to the Shrine bailenenses Rumble accompany Our Lady of Zocueca , " Patroness of Bailen ." The peculiarity of this is that the Pilgrimage is held outside the town of Bailen , so to get to the area known as " The Ventorrillo " Mayor Guarromán population to which this village belongs, delivered the baton Bailen at as a sign of good brotherhood between the two peoples . During the duration of the pilgrimage , the Mayor of Bailen is the turn of Zocueca . The origin of the pilgrimage back to the late century when gardeners XIS orchards of San Vicente in the Rumble , for many years held a Mass sung to thank Our Lady for having rid Zocueca 1851 a plague lobster that plagued neighboring fields. The same pest and equal protection that motivated gardeners since 1922 and promised to hold afford a pilgrimage of thanksgiving on the last Sunday of September each year.



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