Bailen "It's Natural"

If you are looking to enjoy nature and fresh air, the Dehesa de Burguillos is the ideal natural environment. This mountain is located in the northern town of Bailen at a distance of 5.5 kilometers from the city center.

La Dehesa Burguillos was once exploited for ranching, now becoming a leisure and recreation area, equipped with barbecues, fountains, visitor reception center and hiking trails for lovers of nature tourism. To view your progress chronologically, we go back to his roots in this land had been earmarked for food oxen, where three per yoke you aranzadas was granted to each farmer, being intended for communal use.

In the late sixteenth, the "Dehesa de la Villa" as it was known then, will be used for revenue purposes auctioning excess grass, acorn or lease hunting for and deal with the actual taxes, going on right now to be a "well of themselves" and being collected in this legal for three centuries.

A late nineteenth century, the benefits obtained from the Dehesa for over twenty years will be used to pay off a debt that the municipality had contracted with the town of Jaen Torreperogil derived from a loan.

Later would come the confiscations in the reign of Isabel II, but as a result of being the only municipality owned pasture to pasture destined tightly bound to the 717 head of cattle he owned, Bailen not allowed to stay without it.

With the passage of time diversification of the economy is produced and the livestock sector suffers a detriment, causing the need for finding different uses for the area.


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