Parques y Plazas

Roundabout "Virgin Zocueca"

It was built in the nineteenth century close to the house he shared the heroine of Bailen, María Bellido.

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Deaf or Huerta Huerta de San Lazaro

La Huerta de San Lázaro Huerta or commonly known as the Deaf is a prominent symbol of the battle of 1808, where both armies converge during the Battle of Bailen, 1808. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest category "Historic Site", preserved in inside the old wheel acting as the dividing line between the French and Spanish army during the battle.

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Walk of Palms

In 1933 this name was built in a contemporary style park and known as Paseo de las Palmeras.

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Round or square of the General Castanos

Also here was if not the major, at least one of the best known post-houses of the country, where a continuous passage of carriages happened to be definite in the Camino Real to the capital of the Kingdom, providing a Bailen a place featured in the type of tourism that could be called errands.

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