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Constitution Square

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The Town Hall is located in the central square of the city that could be called a thousand names for the changes it has undergone throughout history.

"The Square"

Ayuntamiento Bailén

In what would be the City Hall was installed barracks of the Civil Guard from the last third of the nineteenth century, being moved to the back of the house to install the municipal offices after the reform carried out by architect Don Alberto Lopez of Asiaín. Finally in 1994 the headquarters would be located at the exit of the city.

Since being Plaza del Rey, or labeled with the ruler of the time, to be the Republic Square, Jose Antonio or Constitution Square, the name by which he was baptized in 1933 and with whom he has come to today.

That same year, the premises of the City are moved to the building that would become the Town Hall, giving as a result this place the popular name of City Hall Square or Plaza del Reloj, designation known by all despite not being official.

Worth considering the facade of this building, which highlights the coat of arms of Bailen along with the clock and the tower had to be built for it. Today we see an electronic chronograph acquired October 15, 1982, as they have been several that have marked the time, making it necessary to discard them due to rapid breakdown suffered by the ancients.

Making history , the first of which there is evidence dating from 1822 , located in the Tower Mocha fortress residence reserved for Condes Ponce de Leon, in what had been the old Castle of Bailen. Then in 1849 a new acquisition that would have a limited useful life is done , replaced by another in 1862 , to which two bells joined preserved to this day. Being the first to be installed in the tower had to be built for that purpose , a huge financial effort was funded by both the municipal budget as neighbors of Bailen, who contributed half of the forty thousand actual amount was made total. Anecdotally, during construction, one of the workers fell and luckily was saved by a Civil Guard Cuarte , who would ease the Caidal.Finally , the deterioration made the November 28, 1914 the penultimate acquisition would remain until the arrival of that we see today did.

By accessing the interior of the Town and more specifically to the Chapter House in the same house, find a copy of the original portrait of General Brown that he should be made ​​by the Valencian painter Vicente López Portaña; House painter Fernando VII to happen to Goya, and knew how to capture the feat of the first Duke of Bailen through a face calm and full of experiences. Reproduction of the same is commissioned by Mayor Don José Morillo Cardenas Duke of Bailen Don José María Cavero Carondelet Goicoerrotea in 1927. A year later, coinciding with the commemoration of the Battle of Bailen, President of the National Assembly Don José de Yanguas Messía delivery would canvas done by Don José Nogué and Masso.

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