Round or square of the General Castanos

Also here was if not the major, at least one of the best known post-houses of the country, where a continuous passage of carriages happened to be definite in the Camino Real to the capital of the Kingdom, providing a Bailen a place featured in the type of tourism that could be called errands.

Plaza General CastañoCurrently called Plaza General Brown in honor of the General who defeated Napoleon's troops, Javier Francisco Brown and Aragorri - first Duke of Bailen, and is popularly referred to as El Paseo; name that refers to those evenings when young Bailen wandered around the square where they hoped to find his first love.

A mid-nineteenth century is amended to install a statue of the Roman goddess known as The Matron Iberia and identified by all as María Bellido; Bailen heroine, courageous woman near the town of Bailen was poured into water supply the Spanish army, when a French bullet broke the pitcher at the time of offer General Reding water.

In 1862, Queen Elizabeth II takes a tour of Andalusia and Murcia to know first hand the needs of the territory, reaching Bailen on October 6 of that year. In march, the people of Bailen dismisses showing his great admiration and in gratitude, your majesty takes various donations among which was said to be a sculpture representing the victorious Spain from the gardens of the Buen Retiro and today we can admire in this square. Until the mid-70's square was used for the celebration of civic and religious during the commemoration of the Battle of Bailen Party acts.

Today remains the meeting place to start an afternoon or evening of entertainment as well as being the venue for concerts of local bands.

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