Hermitage of loneliness

Located near the cemetery of Bailen found this oratorio, whose age is divided into two periods of time coincident with styles segmentarían the temple.

soledad1The Gothic is reflected in the rectangular nave, segregated into four areas with three pointed arches , seated around since the late XIV.

Four centuries later we place the dressing room baroque tower , where a pointed window serves as a link with the ship, from which in turn can be seen that element.

The altar on the left presents access to the sacristy and on the right of the car , both stone and lintels, discovering vegetable-decorated dome.

Inside you can admire an image of Christ the Good Die and another full size of the Virgin of Sorrows to be held in the 40s and who survived a fire that occurred in the temple.

On the outside, the whitewashed walls with stone buttresses that support come together , two of them guarding access to the shrine.

To visit, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or telephone: +34.953.678.394

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