Historic Center

Centro Histórico

A walking path momumentos buildings and more historical burden of the municipality, traveling for over 400 years to discover the importance of Bailen for the Spanish nobility.

Interpretation Centre of the Battle of Bailen will be the beginning of a journey through the historical center of Bailen, where Plaza General Brown , better known as El Paseo, will open our way to continue walking through some of the main sources of the city such as the Royal Street and Maria Bellido in honor of our hero , leading us to the place where he lived opposite the Glorieta our Lady of Zocueca .

Through Columbus Street and Isaac Peral back to ourselves in the Royal Street to watch the front of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School , home of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Vincent de Paul since 1916.

In our journey through the history of Bailen, the facade of the Doge's Palace, the Hermitage of Our Lord Jesus and the Town Hall position us in the very center of the city , watching the old and more while renovated Plaza of the Constitution.

At this time , it's time to prepare and admire our architectural jewel of the fifteenth century ; Church of the Incarnation.

We will continue our way down the street bitterness ; via a special meaning in Easter Bailen, and warn the House of Culture to get into the heroes of Bailen street or whatever once the way of Jaén, and thus come back in the square more former locality .

The last leg of the tour will begin throwing to our imagination , as we enter the area where the old Castle was Bailen . Ascenciendo down the street referred to it, find the Plaza of Spain, where the monument to General San Martin shows us the way through the water to reach street Reding Square in honor of the General , and that in turn will indicate we move down the street linking America with Santo Cristo street , ending our tour in the eighteenth century , admiring the chapel of Santo Cristo.

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