What should I know?


  • 18,000 is the population that has the town of Bailen.
  • 7 is the position held in the town ranking of communes of the province by population size.
  • 118 square kilometers is the area covered Bailen , bordering the municipalities of Villanueva de la Reina, Encina , Guarromán , Linares , and Espeluy Jabalquinto.
  • 343 meters above sea level , allow Bailen enjoy a Mediterranean climate.
  • 17 degrees Celsius is the average temperature enjoying Bailen. Summers are hot and winters are cold , while the springs and autumns milder temperatures recorded . Rainfall is concentrated in late fall and early winter.
  • 39 km distance to the capital of the province. Its strategic location makes it a close jienenses not only other people, but also to other provinces of Andalusia destination.
  • 1808 is the year in which the Battle of Bailen, where the Spanish army defeat for the first time in open countryside to the invincible Napoleon's troops took place in open field


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