Bailen It´s Monumental


"Religious Architecture"


Religious Architecture.

Bailén presenta una arquitectura religiosa a través de numerosas ermitas e iglesias dentro del centro urbano histórico, con un diseño construcción de los sitios de culto sagrados o espacios de oración que abarcar desde tiempos medievales hasta los más modernos.

You can visit through "Virtual Tours" buildings with high degree of conservation thanks to the care that the citizens have sought Bailen these monuments of great historical value. Log in to enjoy the various styles used in religious architecture, because dancing is ... Monumental.

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"Places Interest"


Places of Interest.

The town of Bailen, offers walks in the parks and most symbolic places, where you can meet the different players of the Battle of Bailen. A walk through history through its parks and squares full of culture and wisdom to all who visit this historic and monumental place.

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"Parques y Plazas"


Parques y Plazas.

To learn, to walk, to discover ... the parks and squares of Bailen give their inhabitants and visitors places where you can be accompanied by a great general and enjoy a wide space tourist.


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It´s Monumental

  • Eduardo Carvajal Park

    This extraordinary botanical wealth park popularly known as "The Nursery" is done between the years 1893 and 1895, a period Read More
  • square Yapeyú

    In honor of the Father of the Nation Argentina, José de San Martín this square was inaugurated in 1994 with Read More
  • square Spetses

    This square built as a true reflection twinning Bailen and the Greek city of Spetses, is a symbol in our Read More
  • Reding Square

    In the early twentieth century this square rises after the Spanish general of Swiss origin Biberegg Teodoro Reding. Read More
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